Risky Sexual Behaviour

Crazy Stuff We Do - Risky Sexual Behaviour

Once a person is having sex, there is always a chance that he or she can get HIV, regardless of how much care that person takes. Sex is very risky. However, certain actions are high risk and will cause a person to get the virus very easily. Such actions listed below are very risky and you must avoid them:

  • Having sex with a person who you do not know or whose status you do not know – one night stands, sex on blind dates, and sex just for fun.

  • Having sex with many different people – this increases your chance of having sex with someone who has HIV.

  • Having sex outside of marriage – you may get HIV and then give it to your wife or husband and destroy your family.

  • Having sex with someone who has other sex partners.

  • Having sex for money, clothing, food, drugs, or other things.
  • Drinking alcohol and using drugs and then having sex – drugs and alcohol affect your judgement and may lead to unplanned and unprotected careless sex. Too much drugs or alcohol can lead to “blackouts” – when you are not able to remember anything that happened to you. This is dangerous.

  • Having sex without a condom – if you choose to use a condom, ensure you know how to use it and that it is the right size. 

Note Well: although having sex with a condom may protect you, there is a chance that the condom may not work and you can contract HIV. Using a condom is still risky.

Remember, The best protection is - Brahmacharya. Choose only the best.