Why Women Get HIV Easier then Men

Females are at higher risk of getting HIV because of many reasons. It is very important that they know about these so that they can protect themselves.

Some of these reasons are:

  • In many relationships, especially in marriage, females depend on males for survival – money, food, shelter, and clothing etc. In such relationships, because women depend on males for their survival, they may not be able to negotiate how and when they have sex. For example, if a wife finds out that her husband is having an affair outside of marriage and refuses to have sex with him, she may be threatened, beaten, or otherwise abused. He may even threaten to put her out of the home. Since she may have no other choice, she will have to give in to him. In such a case he may infect her with HIV, which he got from a partner outside of marriage. This happens in many marriages and makes women very likely to get the virus. Because of her dependence on her husband a woman may also not be able to ask that he use condoms and she will just have to go along with what he wants.

  • No woman should feel that they should stay in any abusive relationship for the sake of religion or society. The marriage vows work two ways and do not include the idea that infidelity or violence should be accepted.
  • Men are generally stronger than women and they can physically overcome women and force sex. 
  • In general, since there is more mucous membrane area in the vagina, and a greater possibility of small cuts in the vagina, women are more likely than men to get HIV during unprotected sex.

  • Because of the shape of the vagina it is easier for a woman to get HIV than a man, since sexual fluids gets trapped easily in the vagina and then enter the blood stream.

If you are in an abusive relationship and sex is forced upon you, call for help – Help & Shelter's hotline at 227- 3454 or 225-4731; or Lifeline at 226-8684. They will not ask you your name or to reveal any confidential details.