Rape and other forms of sexual abuse

If you have been raped or otherwise sexually abused, you may be feeling one or more of the following :

  • that you did something to deserve this
  • angry that you could not stop the rape
  • that you do not want to cause any story by reporting it
  • that you have no one to talk to 
  • ashamed and dirty

 What can you do if you have been raped or molested?

  • You could be at risk from HIV infection, so it is important to get a test as soon as possible.
  • You can call the following:

    • Help & Shelter's hotline at 227- 3454 or 225-4731; or

    • Lifeline Counselling Services at 226-8684.

      They will not ask you your name or to reveal any confidential

  • You could tell your story to someone who you trust and who understands you. When a person is sexually abusing you, they usually threaten to kill you if you tell any other person. If you are being abused sexually by anyone you should tell
    someone you trust today– you can tell a relative, a friend, a teacher, and ask for help.

    • Even if the person who raped or abused you is a family member who you know well, you may still have HIV.

      You are not to be blamed. Do not be ashamed.