About the website

This site is made possible through a joint project between the United States Ambassador HIV - AIDS Fund and SEWA, Guyana.

In addition to providing basic information about HIV and AIDS and the difference between the two – YES! the two are different in some ways – this website also provides a wide range of things you can do to make your life happier and more fun. Many websites tell us what not to do. They do not always tell us what to do. On this website you will find many great things you can do to make yourself a better and happier person. There are also some great quotes and mini-posters that can inspire you to live up. All through the website you will find the pics of real young people like you who share the ideas on this site and are trying to live up.

Although it focuses primarily on youths and is based on the beliefs of Hindus, it has valuable information for every person. We hope you find something cool and educational in here. Tell us what you think by dropping us a line at sewa_guyana@yahoo.co.uk .