Condoms or Brahmacharya?

How Can You Really Protect Yourself from HIV?

What is Brahmacharya? (Bra–ma–char–ya)

Brahmacharya is a simple Hindu idea that means staying away from that which harms you, and doing that which makes you a winner – a healthy, successful, happy, and admired person.

The idea of Brahmacharya is about self-control and self-discipline. Self-discipline is the highest form of discipline and when a person can control himself or herself, they will achieve anything in the world.

When practising Brahmacharya, a single person has to avoid sex; this is also called celibacy or abstinence. Those who practice Brahmacharya also study the religious books of Hindus so that they can understand how to live happily and develop spiritually.

For a student or a single person, Brahmacharya means devoting yourself to knowledge, getting educated, and learning a life skill. 

By doing this you will understand life and find a decent way of earning money to upkeep yourself and your family, if you get married. It means developing your body by doing yoga and such physical activities so you can stay healthy.

For those who intend to become cricketers or other athletes, the idea of Brahmacharya means staying away from any activity that will decrease your energy to perform to your full potential.

Sex and drugs are to be avoided since these take your focus away from your studies and may expose you to diseases such as HIV. Excess energy is to be spent learning music, art, literature, poetry and on temple activities and helping others.

Swami Chidananda Saraswati says the following about Brahmacharya:

A river may not have much power in it by itself. You may be easily able to row or swim across it. But, if it is dammed up and its waters conserved, then it has the power, when properly channelled, to turn huge turbines and produce electricity. The hot sun, even in summer, does not normally cause a fire, but if you concentrate its rays through a lens, those rays will immediately burn whatever they are focused on.

That is what celibacy or Brahmacharya actually is.

For a married person, Brahmacharya means devoting yourself to your wife or your husband, your children, and your community.

In Summary –

Brahmacharya for the single:

  • Getting an education and learning a life trade

  • Trying to understand life

  • Reading religious and other books and visiting religious places
  • Helping others out without charging

  • No sex
    No rum, beer, or other alcoholic drink

  • No weed, cocaine, crack, or any other drugs

  • No smoking

  • Avoid hurting people, animals, or any other life forms. 

In short, no activity that will harm your body, mind, or soul and anything that makes you happy, healthy, and successful.

Brahmacharya for the married:

  • Putting your family first – working hard to make your wife or husband and children happy

  • Educating your children

  • Devoting extra time to your temple and religion

  • Working to make your community and country a better place

  • No cheating on your wife or husband

  • No activity that will harm your family such as drinking rum, smoking, doing drugs, etc.

  • No illegal business

  • Sex is an important part of life and is necessary for mankind to survive. However, in this age of countless diseases such as HIV, staying faithful to one partner whom you trust and who trusts you are necessary if you want to avoid some of these deadly diseases. Keeping sex between you and your trusted partner can help you keep away deadly diseases. If you get one of these diseases, you alone will not suffer, but your husband or wife and your loving children. Brahmacharya ensures that you stay safe.

The Truth about Condoms

Many people and organisations say that you can use a condom and this will protect you from HIV, other diseases passed on by sex, and pregnancy. Is this totally true?

What are the cold facts?

Condoms are not 100 % safe: a condom is used to stop body fluids such as sperm and vaginal fluid passing from one person to another. However, during sex condoms can fail. When a condom fails, then you are exposed!!! In other words, they are not a wall against HIV

What can go wrong with a condom?

  • A condom can burst

  • A condom can fall off if not worn correctly

  • A condom can fall off if it is too large

  • A condom can have very small holes – if not properly checked during manufacturing, or if expired, a condom may allow the HIV virus to pass.

Reality Check:

Ask yourself this question: “If I know a person has HIV but I want to have sex with that person, will I wear a condom and have sex with him or her?”

Will you trust a condom in this case?

When can you trust it?

Are you willing to take this risk to get a little sex in such a case?

The only person you can really trust is yourself, and the only sure method is Brahmacharya.

So, what’s the big deal with condoms?

Condoms have helped to reduce the spread of HIV and other diseases passed on by sex, BUT there is always a chance that a condom can fail. And when a condom fails, you are exposed.


If you still choose to use a condom, use it properly always.

Ask for help in learning to use a condom before using it. Condoms are not 100 % safe, but having sex without using one is 0 % safe and is begging for very, very big trouble, and is extremely foolish.

Remember, Brahmacharya is the only Wall of Protection. The only 100 % protection. Choose only the Best and the Safest.


10 Reasons why Brahmacharya is best:

  • No chance of getting HIV – absolutely zilch

  • Save your energy – take on the world

  • No need for drugs, alcohol, or sex – true freedom, no slavery

  • More time to better yourself – become a real grand master

  • More time for family and friends – stay connected

  • Know more – get real power

  • More time to help other people – be a real difference

  • No guilt, no regret, no worry – no stress

  • No dirty secrets to haunt you – free up your mind

  • Learn what true love is – love rules

So, condoms or Brahmacharya? You know the answer…