About DevNet

DevNet is a Guyana-based not-for-profit NGO working in ICT for development. It is registered (No: 934) under the Friendly Societies Act (Cap 36.04).

DevNet's mission is to use the experiences and successes of the SDNP initiative to contribute to sustainable development, using Internet and ICT technology, by helping to:

  • provide efficient and cost effective access to the Internet for marginalised groups and in a development context;
  • build high-quality solutions for the collation, dissemination, and exchange of information and knowledge between all sectors of Guyanese society
  • design and implement innovative projects that bring new approaches to the use of ICTs for development
  • implement initiatives which would cross subsidise the activities executed to achieve the other objectives.

DevNet was created out of the successes of the Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) in Guyana (1997-2004) which sought to promote the Internet as a tool for development by working with different partners in Government, Civil Society and in the donor community to provide content. The SDNP was a UNDP initiative which set up similar programmes in many developing countries and the Guyana project is one which fulfilled an objective of becoming a self sustaining entity. SDNP (Guyana) was hosting some 80 websites including many government and NGO sites and providing dialup access to nearly 200 clients. The Guyana SDNP portal is at www.sdnp.org.gy. More about SDNP Guyana: www.sdnp.org.gy/sdnp

In 2003, the process for the institutionalising of the SDNP initiative began with the creation of DevNet. One of the goals of SDNP was to lead to a self-sustaining entity to continue working in the field.

DevNet is an organisation registered under the Burial & Friendly Societies Act of Guyana and thus a legal entity. The Board of Devnet includes membership from Government agencies, the private sector, the education sector and NGOs. See our constitution.

The Executive Committee of DevNet consists of :
Mr Rudolph Collins AA
Mr Lance Hinds
Mr Oliver Insanally
Mr Andrew Mancey
Ms Grace McCalman (Representative of the Government of Guyana)
Ms Surujdai Ramraj
Mr Valmikki Singh
Ms Gillian Thompson (Representative of the National Library)

At present the officers are:
Chairman: L Hinds
Vice-chairman: V Singh
Secretary: A Mancey
Treasurer: S Ramraj (Co_ordinator)

DevNet also actively participates in various knowledge networks pertaining to ICT and Development.

Currently DevNet provides technical support to the UNDP office in Guyana for their network.

The Projects and Activities section of this site provides more information

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