Civil Society Strengthening Project 2008

DevNet has been working with NGOs for many years providing web site and other Internet services as well as training. This project focused on helping NGOs learn about Internet tools and use them to collaborate and share information.

Feasibility Study for an E-commerce Development Programme through the Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED)

DevNet completed a project with the Institute of Private Enterprise Development to develop this Feasibility Study. It was completed in November 2009. IPED's clients are mostly micro and small entrepreneurs.

Internet Communication for CSOs

DevNet recently (2008) completed a project with USAID aimed at helping CSOs (NGOs mainly) to better use the Internet to collaborate. This involved using email, forums and other means to interact. As a part of the project a new web site was created More about the project can be found on this site.

Linux training

DevNet has started offering Linux training courses. The first course called 'Basic Linux - Installation and Use' has been conducted twice with a total of nineteen students. The course lasts nine weeks, 2.75 hours per week.

Creation of a Caribbean Clearinghouse on work being done to end violence against women and girls

This project was initiated by UNIFEM Trust Fund in November 2006.
The resulting clearinghouse is being built at

The project proposal and the first project report are attached.

Providing low cost community access to Information Technology using Linux

Devnet and the Society for Empowerment and Wholistic Advancement (SEWA) piloted a project in which older computers are used as terminals, and a new server is run with the Linux Terminal server programme to create a multi user access point.
The venue is at the Cummings Lodge Mandir in Sixth Street, Cummings Lodge, Guyana. DevNet provided the expertise to install the Linux Terminal Server. SEWA provided the furniture, electrical connections and security for the venue.
The following documents can be downloaded from here :-
1) The project proposal to the DevNet Trust Fund

Project: NGO Web Site Assistance

This project was funded under the USAID GUYANA – Democratic Consolidation & Conflict Resolution Project. The aim was to help local non-governmental organisations (and a few other public and civil society organisations) use the Internet as part of their advocacy and information sharing activities. DevNet provides support in the development and hosting of the websites.

Web site design was available free and hosting was available at a low cost (G$1000 per month or less in special cases)


Amerindian Peoples Association

Arts Forum

Community Based Rehabilitation

Project: ICT Survey of Social Sector Ministries

DevNet conducted an ICT survey of Social Sector Ministries for the Government of Guyana in mid-2005. This included their status and capabilities plus recommendations for improvements.

Project: Feasibility Study - DevNet with Trigrammic

Participation in Research for a Feasibility Study for a European Union funded Information Society Programme for African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries

DevNet was subcontracted by Trigrammic
to participate in this feasibility study during July to December 2004.
Download the Final Report (zipped).

Strengthening the Caribbean ICT stakeholders Virtual Community - CIVIC

Project: Strengthening the Caribbean ICT stakeholders Virtual Community - CIVIC- as a regional mechanism to promote and support the use of ICT for development in the Caribbean

This project looks forward to contribute to the development and impact of ICTs for Development in the Caribbean through the strengthening of the Caribbean ICT stakeholders Virtual Community CIVIC, which was initiated following the first Caribbean ICT Roundtable, held in Barbados on October 28th to 31st 2002. The intention is to add the required elements to help establish the forum as a mechanism able to build a common vision/perspective on ICTs in the region, and promote a Caribbean strategy and/or regional Caribbean-wide actions that address critical development issues." DevNet will be collaborating with JSDNP in Jamaica, FUNREDES and Fundation Taiguey in Domininca Republic for the implementation of this project.

Download the project proposal.
Visit the CARISNET website.

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