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Feasibility Study for an E-commerce Development Programme through the Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED)

DevNet completed a project with the Institute of Private Enterprise Development to develop this Feasibility Study. It was completed in November 2009. IPED's clients are mostly micro and small entrepreneurs.

Project Report : Guyana public Internet access survey - pilot


Internet cafes are widely used in Guyana but no survey had been done of their use and operation. Improving the quality of service of these access points, most of which are already sustainable, would facilitate access by many especially those who are unable to afford their own computer.

A pilot survey was done of two areas, one urban (Georgetown, Guyana) and one outside the city covering nearly 2% of the population. Eight internet cafes were found and visited.

The survey found widespread internet calling using VOIP as well as browsing. Both wireless and DSL connectivity was used with DSL being more reliable.

Project: Feasibility Study - DevNet with Trigrammic

Participation in Research for a Feasibility Study for a European Union funded Information Society Programme for African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries

DevNet was subcontracted by Trigrammic
to participate in this feasibility study during July to December 2004.
Download the Final Report (zipped).

Project: Guyana Development Gateway

Planning for the Guyana Development Gateway

Devnet in collaboration with the ICT Unit in the Office of the President is working on the planning Phase for the Guyana Country Gateway. This was made possible through a grant from Development Gateway Foundation
The e-readiness report and other documents can be accessed from the GyDG website

The Guyana Country Gateway portal is one of the outcomes of the planning phase.

DevNet position paper: Developing the Information Society in Guyana - Challenges and Opportunities

This document was prepared by DevNet members as a resource tool in the discussion about the use of Information and Communications Technologies in Guyana's development The framework of the WSIS Agenda is used to identify the challenges and opportunities faced in responding to some of the key actions.

Download the document here

The attached paper subsequently written by DevNet member, Samuel Braithwaite is attached for relevance and reference

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