SEWA and the US Ambassador’s Fund for HIV/AIDS

This site has been established as part of the project with the support of the 2005 Embassy of the United States of America, The Ambassador’s Fund for HIV/AIDS

First Workshop, Saraswati Vidya Niketan, Cornelia Ida

The Project had the following objectives

Objective 1 : To develop an appropriate methodology to deliver relevant information which will address the cultural and gender stereotypes which have resulted in limited knowledge of HIV/AIDS and associated issues in Cummings Lodge Area Y and Cornelia Ida communities

Objective 2 : To provide the information to members of 600 households located in the Cummings Lodge Area Y community and in the Cornelia Ida community on the following :-

  • Counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS (especially to persons who are sexually active and pregnant women

  • Lifestyle changes needed to reduce the vulnerability to HIV/AIDS - access to education, better living with improved nutrition, choices of monogamy or abstinence

  • Options which are available to end the abusive relationships which leave women vulnerable to sexual violence from intimate partners.

Objective 3 : To develop and deliver a pilot education and awareness programme with male youth from Cornelia Ida about responsible masculinity including responsible sexual behaviour.